Penn Financial Group (PFG) is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) that offers fee-based portfolio management to individual investors and institutions. Since 2004 PFG has been building and managing client’s portfolios in both bull and bear markets.

Our goal is to work with each client individually to build a portfolio that fits their specific needs and risk tolerance. Each client will work hand-in-hand with a registered investment advisor throughout the entire process. We strive to create long-term relationships that will help our clients reach their financial goals.

401K Management

Over 50 million Americans participate in a 401K, with millions more putting money away into various retirement plans. Of the $4.5 trillion in 401K's, the majority of the money is either mismanaged or not managed at all by the investor. Putting money away every paycheck is a great strategy, but that money needs to be working for you.

Regardless of where your 401K plan is held or the variety of investment options, Penn Financial Group can help you manage the most important aspect of your retirement. We can also help make your transition into retirement or a new job seamless by opening an IRA Rollover. Contact us to learn more about our low-cost, fee-based management services we offer.

ETF Portfolios

The growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continue as they chip away at mutual funds as the vehicle of choice for investors. At the end of June 2016 there was a total of $2.2 trillion dollars in ETFs. With over 1,650 ETFs available to investors and hundreds more ready to hit the market, it is nearly impossible for the average investor to determine which product is best for their portfolio.

PFG offers its clients an all-ETF portfolio that can be built to meet their specific goals. The all-ETF portfolio is ideal for the client that is fed up with the high fees and underperformance of mutual funds. This service fits very well into retirement accounts and old 401K's that have been stuck with mutual funds not living up to their desired performance.


Investors that want to self-direct their portfolios are often searching for resources to help with their portfolio management. Penn Financial Group founder and president, Matt McCall, is the lead editor for several investment newsletters that provide investors with the resources needed to become successful. To find more information on the NexGen Investing franchise click here.